5 ways to help endangered turtles


Our friends the turtles need our help; many species are endangered.  The good news is they are not extinct, and there’s time to restore life to these ancient majestic creatures.  Many turtles are dying because they get caught in commercial fishing nets.  Others are dying because they eat plastic bags that look like jelly fish underwater.


The pictures on top are various jelly fish.   The plastic bag floating in the water jelly fish.

What we can do to help

1.  Prayer – all things are possible with the Divine.  We are connected, so when we pray for the turtles, we pray for our own healing.

2.  Recycle grocery bags at your grocery store.

3.  Use reusable bags.

4.  Recycle all soft plastic materials (LDPE), such as ziploc bags, saran wrap, packaging, dry clean bags, packaging for food, produce bags, chip bags, candy wrappers, plastic ring around soda packs, dvd/shrink wrap, tape, etc. at your grocery store with your plastic bags.  We made a space under our kitchen cabinet to collect these soft plastics.  Check with your local grocery store.

5.  Buy fish that have been caught or farmed using sustainable methods that maintain healthy fish populations and ecosystems.  Whole Foods Market has a sustainable seafood department.