ABC’s of Feng Shui

Feng shui originated in ancient China as farmers sought to survive by finding harmony with nature.  It  is based on the I Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes.  Today, feng shui is used as the art of placement to make intentional changes in your life.

How you arrange your home and how you place items in your room affects the outcome of your life.  When you change things around, it freshens your perspective and life buzzes with possibilities.

The bagua is the primary tool used in Feng Shui.  There are 8 trigrams consisting of three lines representing the elements, and the yin and yang.  The bagua corresponds to the 9 areas of your life and are represented in your home or office.

You can activate specific sectors of your life through intention, minimizing clutter, and adding plants, crystals or windchimes.  Be sure to remove dirt, dust, dead or withering plants, broken items, reminders of bad times, open trash cans, negative images, and anything that lowers your energy.

Mountain – Wisdom

  • creates the image of a cave inside a mountain
  • symbol of quiet introspection and meditation
  • represents inner knowledge, contemplation, inner guidance, new learning
  • do you meditate or pray?

Water – Career/Journey

  • appears to be clear and open, with mass at the center
  • represents journey, because life proceeds along a path like a journey
  • whether you are flowing with or against it
  • freedom to do what you want to do
  • what do you want to do to earn money

Heaven – Helpful Friend/Philanthropy

  • creative masculine force
  • serving with your talents
  • are you generous and supportive with your time and money?

Thunder – Family/Elders

  • the foundation from which we operate; sense of self
  • relates to the energy of what comes before us – parents, family, ancestors, teachers, Elders
  • how is your relationship with your parents & family?

Lake – Creativity/Children

  • open on the surface with mass below, like a bowl
  • relates to all that we create or give birth to – children, projects or stories
  • comes from the creativity within

Wind – Wealth/Prosperity

  • has no root but carries a strong force over the ground
  • can uproot trees, distribute seeds, and circulate air
  • represents wealth, prosperity, blessings and how you experience the flow of universal abundance
  • how often do you feel blessed?

Fire – Fame/Illumination

  • appears like the image of a flame
  • relates to what lights you up
  • illumination from within
  • what you’re known for
  • ability to enlighten others

Earth – Relationships

  • is the feminine receptive force
  • greatest principle of marriage
  • represents listening, receiving, embracing and unconditional love
  • are you receptive in relationships?

Tai Chi

  • relates to vital center
  • gravitational midpoint from which life energy, or chi emanates
  • to be healthy and in state of harmony is to unite the best aspects of the bagua
  • does life originate from the center of your being? doing what we want to do with our life, have nourishing companionship, good relationship with family, feeling blessed, giving back through philanthropy, taking time to be still and look within, expressing creativity, and realizing true divine nature