How I stretch my diaper budget

I’m one of those people who use both CLOTH and DISPOSABLE diapers. We use organic cotton disposables when our daughter sleeps and when we are away from home.  They tend to keep her skin drier than the cloth, which get cold quickly when wet.  When we are home, we use cloth. From a financial perspective, […]

9 natural strategies for pregnancy

It took my husband and I nearly 2 years to conceive.  The first year we weren’t really serious, but after about a year and a half into it, I knew deep down I could be improving my health to increase my fertility.  I wasn’t unhealthy and I practiced yoga regularly.  But I also didn’t eat […]

Moving a sofa helped my friend poo

My first remarkable feng shui experience occurred when I visited my friend’s studio. Her sofa was at the entryway, blocking traffic flow. Inspired by a feng shui book, I suggested to my friend who was on constipation medication, to rearrange the sofa for more free flow. To my surprise, moving the sofa allowed her intestines […]

How I transformed my cigarette habit

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 14.  I thoroughly enjoyed this ritual and the social aspects of smoking, but I longed to be free from my habitual use. Since 2002, I’ve been on the path of self-healing when I committed to running my first marathon. That is when yoga came into my life. I began paying attention […]

Worms love pomegranates too!

The Doctrine of Signatures, a perspective that everything in Creation is marked with a signature of purpose, suggests pomegranates promote healthy fertility. Couple months ago, my mom brought approx 40 small pomegranates organically grown in my aunt’s backyard.  It took me over an hour and a half to peel all the skin, and my fingers were so pruned! Aside from pruning my fingers, another […]

Organize your home office

I’m amazed someone paid me for my opinion on how to get organized and she actually took notes! Fresh from a consulting gig, here are some ideas to organize your home office: 1. Sort, consolidate and delete.  Home offices are notorious for having household and work/career related files mixed up. Start organizing into separate categories, […]

4 steps to zerowaste

1.  Have a recycling basket:  baskets provide a natural feel.  They are priced well at Ross, if you can find one in stock.  World Market has affordable ones too.  Recycle tins, aluminums, glass, bottles, cans, cardboard, junkmail, newspaper. 2.  Curbside collection or dropoff:  Most cities provide recycling collection.  If not, you can google recycling centers […]

Composting is easy!

There’s a saying heal the soil so as not to have to heal animal or man. If you think about the state of world affairs, our planet appears to be crashing. But composting gives us hope. It turns waste from one system into food for another. Its byproduct becomes food for plants, and plants feed […]

Develop slow breathing habit

Oxygen is one of the best vaccine for cancer. It’s free and leaves zero waste. In her book Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly, Judith Kravitz writes: “Oxygen may be the most important anti-carcinogen known to man. Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Otto Warburg showed that cancer cells live in anaerobic conditions where cells are getting little or […]