Mieng Kham Salad

There’s a Thai restaurant we loved going to.  This is a re-creation of the flavors of a traditional Thai snack called Mieng Kham.  The ginger, lime, roasted peanuts, roasted coconut, onion, shrimp and fish lemongrass sauce – sweet, salty, crunchy, zesty. Yum. Ingredients 1-2 bunches of collard greens or spinach leaves 1/2 lb of cooked […]

Strawberry soup

Strawberry Soup 2 cup strawberry 1 cup oj 1 cup coconut milk 5 mint leaves Blend all ingredients together.  Serve and enjoy.

Alkalizing Avocado Soup

I got this recipe from my friend Liza, who took a chi gong workshop with some famous healer.  This soup is very alkalizing with healing properties, and tastes like a guacamole. Ingredients 2 cup filtered water 2 cucumbers with skin 2 ripe avocados without seeds 1 jalapeno, de-seeded 1 spring onion 1/2 lime with pith […]

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

I came across two Paleo recipes for this Tom Kha Gai soup, so I was inspired to make it.  This recipe is from Against All Grain.  It calls for a lot of different ingredients, but each one infuses flavor together in this classical Thai dish. Ingredients 2 t coconut oil 1-2 Thai bird’s eye chili […]

Seaweed Salad

My mom makes this really well, but every time I ask her to show me how to make it, it just appears on the table already prepared.  Then she tells me she will show me next time.  So I decided to get a little adventurous and see if I could recreate this salad with the […]

Corn and Black Bean Salad

This recipe was super flavorful and even easier to assemble.   Thank you Susan Gregory!  Our whole family enjoyed this salad.  I will definitely be making this again, even when I’m not fasting. Corn and Black Bean Salad Ingredients 1/3 cup sliced almonds 1 bag (1 lb) of frozen corn 1 lime 2 T EVOO 1 […]

Lentil Soup

This recipe was adapted from the Daniel Fast website.  At first, my husband and I were concerned that our daughter wouldn’t eat it, but we were gratefully surprised that this meal is toddler-approved!  She even let me feed it to her.  It feels like God is supporting my fast. Lentil Soup Ingredients 2 T EVOO […]

Chilled cucumber avocado soup

It was another hot summer day.   Keeping our home cool has been a priority lately.  When it’s 90 degrees outside, meals that don’t require the hot stove or oven is very appealing. This chilled cucumber avocado soup is rich in vital vitamins, antioxidants and live enzymes.  The juiciness from the cucumber, the creamy texture of […]

Zucchini Soup

This recipe originally came from the Rosicrucian Fellowship cafeteria, where I was attending a Sacred Earth workshop by Christan Hummel.  I adapted the recipe so it’s easier to use (and read on my iPhone). Ingredients 2 tsp butter + – 1 large onion, chopped 2 lbs zucchini, sliced 2 cups vegetable stock (coconut milk or […]