Coconut Coffee Cacafe: Health Faux Pas

 INGREDIENTS: CANE SUGAR, COCONUT, COLOMBIAN COFFEE, MALTODEXTRIN, STARCH There was a man demo-ing this product and highlighting the health benefits of coconut – how it’s good for your skin, nails, teeth, etc.  Then he went on to tell potential customers that his mom drank this stuff as a breakfast substitute for a month and lost […]

Our pet caterpillars

This spring, we bought our first milkweed to create a natural butterfly habitat.  Milkweed is the host plant for monarchs, and ours came with a tiny caterpillar.  Watching the transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly was awesome!! This is Day 1.  It got windy at night, so we kept the milkweed plant […]

Monarch Love

We adore visiting the local butterfly garden and observing these fascinating creatures. There were at least 11 caterpillars in all stages on one milkweed plant. Milkweed is the host plant for caterpillars.  Monarch butterflies need these to survive.   Monarch chrysalides are green and will change to brown, yellow and orange when ready to emerge. […]

Grow green onions from kitchen scraps!

Composting kitchen scraps is good for the earth.  But regrowing fruits and vegetables from kitchen scraps – now that’s ultimate recycling!  Plus it’s good for your wallet.  Here’s how to regrow green onions, and now you will always have fresh scallions for your favorite recipes. 1. Wash green onions and line up the ends. 2.  […]

Country Composting

We had an extended family trip to a rural country house.  One of the best things about living in the country is composting directly into the land. For those of you that live in the country and don’t want to commit to having a composter, you can bury your food waste so that it can […]

9 ways to improve indoor air quality

Air is the most essential element to human survival. Generally, you can live 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, yet only 3 minutes without air. Every cell in the body needs a continuous supply of air to live. Air pollution is a major health and environmental concern. It is linked to heart disease, […]

US Navy Converts Seawater into Fuel

This is super cool.  Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory, Materials Science and Technology Division, developed a two-step process to convert seawater into fuel. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) molecules are extracted from seawater to produce hydrogen gas, then by a gas-to-liquids process recombined and compressed until their molecular structure become hydrocarbons that […]

Composting: turning trash to treasure

Composting is a natural biodegradable process. It takes food waste and turns it into fertile soil. It simultaneously solves the problems of landfill pollution, production of methane while reversing damage to soils. Food waste is transformed into nutrients, and beneficial microbes improve the composition of the soil. The secret to healthy plant is healthy soil, […]

Earth Songs

Today, we watched Earth Songs, a documentary about the healing power of nature. “At a time when the awareness of environmental concerns grows daily, being green means more than recycling paper and plastic, conserving energy, and decreasing your carbon footprint. It means honoring with gratitude the earth’s natural wonders, big and small, everyday.  It means […]

Transform “stiff-neck” with yoga

I recently started to read the Bible with the intention of reading the whole book.  Actually my mom told me to, and the Bible instructs us to “Honor your mother and father, and all will be well with you.” Ephesians 6:23.  In Exodus, it is clear God does not like a “stiff-necked people.”  “I have […]