Grow green onions from kitchen scraps!

Composting kitchen scraps is good for the earth.  But regrowing fruits and vegetables from kitchen scraps – now that’s ultimate recycling!  Plus it’s good for your wallet.  Here’s how to regrow green onions, and now you will always have fresh scallions for your favorite recipes. 1. Wash green onions and line up the ends. 2.  […]

Country Composting

We had an extended family trip to a rural country house.  One of the best things about living in the country is composting directly into the land. For those of you that live in the country and don’t want to commit to having a composter, you can bury your food waste so that it can […]

Composting: turning trash to treasure

Composting is a natural biodegradable process. It takes food waste and turns it into fertile soil. It simultaneously solves the problems of landfill pollution, production of methane while reversing damage to soils. Food waste is transformed into nutrients, and beneficial microbes improve the composition of the soil. The secret to healthy plant is healthy soil, […]

DIY Worm Compost for $35

Looking to improve the soil of your plants or garden? Then home composting is for you! Composting is a way to provide nutrient rich fertilizer to your soil and a way to repurpose your food waste. Instead of putting food waste in the landfill where it creates yucky methane gas, you put it in a […]

Google, thank you for composting.

This is what greeted us at Google’s sales division when we visited my cousin Grace who works there. It was a welcome sight to behold.  I was thrilled to see composting bins throughout the facility and cafeteria! Composting diverts food waste from rotting in landfills and transforms something that harms the environment into nutrient-rich fertilizer.  […]

Worms love pomegranates too!

The Doctrine of Signatures, a perspective that everything in Creation is marked with a signature of purpose, suggests pomegranates promote healthy fertility. Couple months ago, my mom brought approx 40 small pomegranates organically grown in my aunt’s backyard.  It took me over an hour and a half to peel all the skin, and my fingers were so pruned! Aside from pruning my fingers, another […]

4 steps to zerowaste

1.  Have a recycling basket:  baskets provide a natural feel.  They are priced well at Ross, if you can find one in stock.  World Market has affordable ones too.  Recycle tins, aluminums, glass, bottles, cans, cardboard, junkmail, newspaper. 2.  Curbside collection or dropoff:  Most cities provide recycling collection.  If not, you can google recycling centers […]

Composting is easy!

There’s a saying heal the soil so as not to have to heal animal or man. If you think about the state of world affairs, our planet appears to be crashing. But composting gives us hope. It turns waste from one system into food for another. Its byproduct becomes food for plants, and plants feed […]