For the Love of Music


For the Love of Music: The Remarkable Story of Maria Anna Mozart by Elizabeth Rusch

Everyone knows about Wolfgang Mozart, but only a few know about his older sister Maria.  She was five years older than Wolfgang and inspired him to play piano.  They were both considered musical prodigies and toured all over Europe.  She helped Wolfgang write his first symphony, and they played duets together, arms intertwined, as equals.


I love how musical structure was interwoven into the story.

Piano Sonata – a composition for piano

The first movement – where musical themes are introduced

Allegro – the fast tempo of the first movement

Development – where the themes of the first movement are explored

Recapitulation – where the themes of the first movement are reviewed

Coda – an ending

The second movement – often slower

The third movement – dancelike

The fourth movement – the final movement

Sfzorando – with emphasis

Ritardando – to slow down

Fermata – in which everything stops

Cadenza – a passage for a soloist to improvise

Finale – the last piece of music in a concert