Moving a sofa helped my friend poo


My first remarkable feng shui experience occurred when I visited my friend’s studio. Her sofa was at the entryway, blocking traffic flow. Inspired by a feng shui book, I suggested to my friend who was on constipation medication, to rearrange the sofa for more free flow. To my surprise, moving the sofa allowed her intestines to flow freely as well, and she was able to get off her medication!

Just as there is no good or bad germ, there is no good or bad feng shui. In Feng Shui for the Soul, Denise Linn writes of a man who lived in a house with a low door, which is considered bad feng shui. Whenever he hit his head on the door, it triggered a host of cursing. He also “butt” heads in his relationships with people.  One day it dawned on him that if he humbly bow his head before entering, he could experience more peace.

This story is a good reminder that we don’t have to blame our circumstances, and through observation, we can navigate around the obstacles in our lives.