Peanut Butter Cookies (3 ingredients)


This is the first batch I made.


The second batch looks slightly different.  I think these were flattened out more than the prior batch.



1 cup peanut butter *
1 egg
6-8 T raw honey


1. Scoop peanut butter and honey into a medium bowl. Mix in the egg.

2. Preheat oven 350 degrees F and grease baking sheet.

3.  Spoon cookie mixture about 1 inch.  Flatten with fork tines and make intersecting pattern.  Bake until golden brown.



Not all peanut butter is created equal.  A lot of brands like Skippy and Jiffy contain chemicals and preservatives to prevent separation.  Be sure to check the ingredients!  Ours contain dry roasted peanuts and sea salt.