Sunbutter Paleo Chocolate-Chip Cookies

I had some sunflower seeds left from another recipe and were sitting on my counter.  So I decided to use them up and make my own sunflower seed butter for this Paleo cookie recipe (adapted from Against All Grain). Ingredients 1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds (or you can use 1/4 c unsweetened sunflower seed butter […]

Chilled cucumber avocado soup

It was another hot summer day.   Keeping our home cool has been a priority lately.  When it’s 90 degrees outside, meals that don’t require the hot stove or oven is very appealing. This chilled cucumber avocado soup is rich in vital vitamins, antioxidants and live enzymes.  The juiciness from the cucumber, the creamy texture of […]

Wild salmon with rosemary sweet potatoes and lemon asparagus

We made this for dinner tonight, recipe is from the Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Hyman.   Make sure it’s wild salmon, not farmed.  Also if it’s available to you, always purchase pole and troll (hand-line caught) fish. “Omega-3 fats from the salmon, fiber from the asparagus, and carotenoids from the sweet potatoes make this a […]