Google, thank you for composting.

This is what greeted us at Google’s sales division when we visited my cousin Grace who works there. It was a welcome sight to behold.  I was thrilled to see composting bins throughout the facility and cafeteria! Composting diverts food waste from rotting in landfills and transforms something that harms the environment into nutrient-rich fertilizer.  […]

5 ways to help endangered turtles

Our friends the turtles need our help; many species are endangered.  The good news is they are not extinct, and there’s time to restore life to these ancient majestic creatures.  Many turtles are dying because they get caught in commercial fishing nets.  Others are dying because they eat plastic bags that look like jelly fish […]

4 steps to zerowaste

1.  Have a recycling basket:  baskets provide a natural feel.  They are priced well at Ross, if you can find one in stock.  World Market has affordable ones too.  Recycle tins, aluminums, glass, bottles, cans, cardboard, junkmail, newspaper. 2.  Curbside collection or dropoff:  Most cities provide recycling collection.  If not, you can google recycling centers […]