Worms love pomegranates too!


The Doctrine of Signatures, a perspective that everything in Creation is marked with a signature of purpose, suggests pomegranates promote healthy fertility. Couple months ago, my mom brought approx 40 small pomegranates organically grown in my aunt’s backyard.  It took me over an hour and a half to peel all the skin, and my fingers were so pruned!


Aside from pruning my fingers, another drawback was all the rind and skin leftover that are seemingly useless.  Ordinarily, these are thrown in the trash and into the landfill.  However, we utilized the pomegranate waste in our worm compost bin.  It turns out that the worms love the pomegranate skin just as much as I love the pomegranate fruit.  The worms congregated to the pomegranate waste for weeks!  Check out my compost after the worms digested all the pomegranate skin.   The castings are rich, fertile, and filled with nutrients.